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10 Better Things To Do


If you’re like me, and stuck at home for Friday night, not to worry. We have better things to do than party!

Like what, you ask?

1. Bopping to your roommate’s super loud remixes blasting with a mouthful of ramen

2. Watching Brideshead Revisited while sipping a cup of tea

3. Searching for the dessert you bought at the awesome Mexican market today

4. Checking all the blisters from the new shoes you’re breaking in (4)

5. Looking at all the dishes you should be washing. Not doing anything about it. Just looking.

6. Mentally counting all the money you made today and well as what you’re saving by staying at home tonight

7. Sipping depressingly on the last hard cider as you realize how early you have to get up tomorrow

8.  Forgetting this is your day to blog

9. Staring at a blank post page

10. Deciding to make another list (which according to the last post, was probably a bad idea)

See? Options! 

Good night.

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