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2 Memorable Wrestling Moments of 2017

Wrestling this year has been great with many memorable moments such as: The Hardy Boyz returning at Wrestlemania to a ladder match, Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada trilogy, and Matt Hardy being his Broken (WOKEN) self in WWE. But these are 2 of my favorites.

  1. Finn Bálor & AJ Styles “Too Sweet” This would have to be my favorite moment of 2017, because Finn Bálor and AJ Styles has been a dream match to indie wrestling fans and many hardcore wrestling fans, because they are both legends in Japan. They are both known for their work in New Japan turning heads, as leaders of the infamously popular wrestling faction Bullet Club. Finn was the first leader and founder of Bullet Club; meanwhile AJ became the 2nd leader of Bullet Club at the same Finn was leaving New Japan. Then they both went to WWE to have good careers at separate times. At WWE TLC was the first time they met in a ring, and was a last minute decision as Finn in his demon persona was scheduled to wrestle Bray Wyatt for the Raw brand, but due to medical issues Wyatt was pulled, and AJ was called from a tour in South America for Smackdown brand. It was a very exciting match and if given more time they could’ve had a 5 Star match. And at the end of the match they showed their respect for each other and did a “Too Sweet” which is the signature hand gesture of the Bullet Club and showed that they still represent the Bullet Club. So here’s hoping for a AJ Styles vs Finn Bálor II and III, and for WWE to let other Bullet Club members be there, as New Japan and WWE are not having a working relationship at the moment. 

  1. Chris Jericho NJPW Appearance(s) Chris Jericho appeared in a video package announcing he wanted to face New Japan star Kenny Omega for the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 12. He then appeared about a month later and attacked Kenny Omega and made him bleed as he attacked him with his own championship. Additionally, he attacked a referee, a rookie wrestler, and color commentator Don Callis. The next day he was at a press conference and Kenny Omega attacked him and had a brawl in the conference room, with Chris throwing a table at him. It’s a great set-up for their Wrestle Kingdom match, the 4th of January in 2018. This is a great for New Japan, as it would attract more attention from casual wrestling fans over to New Japan, and have a bigger audience for them once they start touring here in the US. This can also be the start of having New Japan and WWE crossovers, as both companies don’t have a great relationship at the moment. Have Kenny Omega appear at a Wrestlemania, and can also have a Bullet Club invasion as there are five former member of Bullet Club working for WWE. There are many good things to come out of it. 


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