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3 Bold Predictions for Next Season

Posted on May 10, 2019

As the season comes to an end, many teams are already focusing on next season to see how their team can improve over the summer. With the many plausible draftings and signings ahead, it is almost impossible to perceive what the future holds over the coming months. Therefore, almost every prediction is a bold prediction. With that being said, here are my top 3 “bold” predictions for the upcoming NBA season.

Kevin Durant’s Departure

Two rings, two final MVPs, and three years later, Kevin Durant is in the same position Lebron James was in 2014. Durant acquired the villain role once he joined the Warriors, just how Lebron did in 2010 when he teamed up with Wade and Bosh in Miami. Now, Durant has a chance to fix his legacy the same way LeBron did when he returned to Cleveland and brought home a Championship trophy. He should look to LeBron as the epitome of fixing a legacy. With his contract up, Durant can return back to OKC, go home to Washington, or join another team like the Knicks to help bring a title to a desperate franchise that would help clean up his name. I see Durant leaving the Warriors this summer, especially since he has been recently having problems with his teammate, Draymond Green.

A Historical Rookie-Season for Zion Williamson

One of the most hyped prospects in sports is finally entering the NBA draft. It seems as if Zion Williamson will be the next great thing, no matter what team selects him. Whether it’s the Bulls, the Hawks, or the Suns, his talent will show and will help win games immediately. I honestly believe that he is capable of carrying any of the lottery teams to the playoffs next season. He has enough talent to compete with the best of the best, and that is, of course, in the playoffs.

Derrick Rose’s Return

After the countless “returns” of Derrick Rose, this might be the most buoyant one of them all. From Rose’s recent documentary, he showed how much he cared for the Chicago Bulls and how much pressure he had to win. Now, almost three years after the infamous Knicks trade, Rose has a chance to return to his hometown, win a championship, and play without pressure. Rose had a great start to the beginning of his career, had some injury-riddled seasons in the middle, but now he has an opportunity to end it on a high note. This is his chance to finish his career with an inspiring legacy of hope.

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