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5 Highlights for Women at the American Music Awards

Kristina Blagojev | Posted on November 25, 2019

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courtesy of the American Music Awards

The 47th annual American Music Awards (AMA’s) aired on Sunday night of November 24th, 2019. The AMA’s was created by Dick Clark for ABC in 1973 to compete with the Grammys on CBS. Along with the Billboard Music Awards and the Grammys, it is considered to be one of the “Big Three” music award shows produced annually.

This year, in particular, was a big one for women in music. They not only dominated as nominations in most of the categories, but they also won most of the awards. Even in categories where there was only one female nomination, women still found their way on top, like in the “Favorite Artist- Alternative Rock” category and “Favorite Song- Pop/Rock” category.

Below is a list of what I think are the best moments for women at the AMA’s this year. Enjoy!

5. Lizzo Performs “Jerome”

Lizzo, at this point, is no stranger to performing for award shows, whether it be the Grammys, the BET Awards, and now at the AMA’s, she commands the stage wherever she goes. This time, however, instead of opting to perform her critically acclaimed singles “Juice” or “Truth Hurts,” the singer decided to perform her newest single “Jerome” from her hit album Cuz I Love You (2019). Introduced by Tyra Banks, Lizzo showed the world once again how she rose so quickly to success in the music industry.

4. Billie Eilish Wins New Artist of the Year

In addition to winning “Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock” against big-name bands like Imagine Dragons and Panic! at the Disco, Billie Eilish also won the “New Artist of the Year” award against artists like Lil Nas X and Lizzo. Billie Eilish has had an overall amazing career so far but she had an astronomical 2019 after releasing her debut studio album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? this year. The album has produced top hits including “bad guy,” “bury a friend,” and “all the good girls go to hell,” the latter which she performed.

3. Halsey Calls Out The Grammys

Up against a variety of songs like “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers and “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, “Without Me” by Halsey took the award for “Favorite Song – Pop/Rock.” But, it was the content of her speech that garnered a lot of attention from fans. After a somewhat tumultuous week of not being nominated for any Grammy awards, Halsey went on to dedicate her award to her fans, but to also say that “… you grow up, and the stuff that you believed in starts to lose its magic. But the music never does, because real fans, real artists, and real stories keep that magic alive.”

2. Kesha Performs “Tik Tok”

Yes, you read that right. Arguably Kesha’s most well-known song, “Tik Tok” was performed on the AMA’s stage in 2019. A part of a medley along with the singer’s most recent hit “Raise Hell” featuring Big Freedia, it was really an homage to how far her music has evolved and how she also has evolved as a person since the start of the decade. Additionally, it was her first time performing on the AMA’s stage in six years, after performing every year from 2010 to 2013.

1. Taylor Swift Wins Artist of the Decade

In addition to performing a medley of her biggest hits, Taylor Swift won the AMA’s “Artist of the Decade” award; only given out officially once before to Garth Brooks in 2000. Introduced by legendary singer-songwriter Carole King, Swift thanks King for being such a large influence on her parents and her and for being an artist that changed lives. She then goes on to thank her fans for the countless years of fun, memories, and for being the reason she is even on a stage in the first place.



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