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5 Things I Want from The Kendrick & J Cole Mixtape

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If you’re any sort of rap fan you know Kendrick Lamar and J Cole both dropped tracks over each others beats friday, rapping over Alright and A Tale of 2 Citiez. This got many people thinking that the highly rumored mixtape between them could be a possibility, then Kendrick’s sister accidentally posted the potential release date that added fuel to the fire. This got me thinking about what I hope comes from their potential mixtape, so I came up with a wishlist of 5 things I hope comes from this project . All I know is that if this in fact drops I’ll be shedding multiple thug tears of happiness.

  1. Another HiiPower-Esque Song

J Cole snapped on the production of this joint back in the day off Kendrick’s Album Section .80. If they produce this type of song, the mixtape could be up there with Watch the Throne as best rap collab project.

  1. Up-Tempo J Cole Production

The up-tempo They Ready & The Jig is up J Cole produced back in the day for Kendrick were all flames. If he comes with this heat on the mixtape its gonna be so lit.

  1. Jay-Z Feature

This would naturally make sense as J Cole is signed to Jay-z’s label Roc Nation. Also Kendrick seems to bring out the best of Jay-Z when they collab together, just listen to his verse on Don’t Kill My Vibe remix. Crazy.

  1. Dr. Dre production

J Cole is already a great producer,if he gets help from Dr.Dre on this the amount of fire that will be produced in the studio might burn down the building.

  1. A Posse-Cut Track

This is definitely a stretch as usually collab mixtapes don’t have many features on it, but I’m gonna dream. It would be so dope if they produced a huge 1train type song that had 8 artists on it, off A$AP Rocky’s first album (listen below) . Just based on Kdot & J Cole’s friends in the rap game, I could see this track featuring Chance the rapper, Nas, Pusha T, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, & Ab-Soul. This song would be legendary if it came true.

That concludes this edition of The Standouts, for more regular updates on new music like the Facebook Page or follow the twitter account. You can also follow me personally @LFH25. See you next week.


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