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5 Underrated Tupac Songs


On this day 19 years ago Tupac Shakur was shot in Las Vegas on his way back from a Mike Tyson fight. There are many conspiracies on who killed him, was it his manager Suge Knight? the Crips gang? or is tupac still alive? Although we could talk endlessly about who killed him this blog is highlighting his great rap career and what I think are some his most slept on songs.

Heavy in The Game

Going through Tupac’s discography a few years ago I came across this gem, and it was on replay for a solid year. This song comes off Pac’s 3rd album Me Against The World.

“Be true to this game and this game will be true to you”

Do For Love

I heard this song randomly this year at a bar in Chicago, and immediately put this on all my playlists. Tupac’s storytelling skills in this song are on point and I love the sample he used for this beat.

Shorty Wanna Be A Thug

This is another song where Tupac’s storytelling skills are crazy, but my favorite part of this song is that Kanye sampled this on Late Registration on the song “Drive Slow“.

If My Homie Calls

This is off Tupac’s first album and he does his thing over this beat. I love the music video that goes with this too.

To Live & Die in LA

This is a top 3 Tupac song for me. This song makes me want to leave Chicago immediately and move to LA, its that lit lol.

Bonus: My Favorite Tupac song of all time

How Do You Want It

I wanted to put my favorite song by Pac on this blog because I feel I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t. This video is from one of his last live shows before he died. Low key watching this gives me chills everytime, 2Pac’s the realest.

That concludes this edition of The Standouts, for more regular updates on new music like the Facebook Page or follow the twitter account. You can also follow me personally @LFH25. See you next week.


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