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6 Reasons To Renew Netflix’s One Day At A Time

Posted on March 06, 2019

With recent news that Netflix’s beloved original series, One Day At A Time (ODAAT), might face cancellation, many loyal viewers have been fighting nonstop for a renewal. The show’s co-showrunner, Gloria Calderón Kellett, met with Netflix to talk about a season 4. Unfortunately, Netflix believes the show needs more viewers in order to be renewed for a new season. Honestly, this news shocked me. ODAAT is a show I constantly hear about when I’m on Twitter – but maybe my friends just have good taste.

As someone who has just recently finished ODAAT’s third season, I want a fourth one more than ever. This series just goes to show that you don’t have to be problematic or ignorant in order to be funny – something many current shows haven’t yet mastered. I can acknowledge that not ALL shows need to “have a message” in order to be enjoyable. Trust me, I do. However, I really think shows that do carry a message – like ODAAT – need to be recognized more. If you’re unsure about its content, here are my top 6 reasons as to why you should watch ODAAT! (Or in this case, 6 reasons why ODAAT should be renewed.)

1. A Non-Traditional Cuban Family


1. A Non-Traditional Cuban Family

Okay, listen. I don’t think of the Alvarez family as non-traditional for the same reasons others do. Many people say they are untraditional solely because Penelope is a single mother raising two kids with a very involved mother. One parent households aren’t something that should be looked down on – especially considering how good of a job Penelope did raising Alex and Elena. I wanted to bring up the Alvarez family because of their chosen family. Along with the Penelope, Lydia, Alex, and Elena, we see Schneider and Leslie. Schneider is their landlord, while Leslie is a doctor who works with Penelope, who also happens to be Lydia’s very close, yet very platonic(?) good friend. Together, the six of them find themselves in everyday situations but they have each other for support.

2. Addiction Storyline

Schneider and Penelope talking about breaking his sobriety.


2. Addiction Storyline

Personally, Schneider’s storyline regarding his addiction to alcohol and drugs is one of my favorite in the series. Unlike addiction storylines in other programmings, we see a main character break his sobriety. Not that it is something to gratify but it is something that many people need to acknowledge happens. To see Schneider at his lowest point after breaking his 8-year sobriety was extremely overwhelming. However, seeing him get back on his feet with support from the entire Alvarez Family was what really made me ~cry~. As someone who suffers from addiction, Schneider isn’t portrayed as someone who is “disposable.” I genuinely respect the way ODAAT is allowing him to grow – just like Elena and Alex’s father. While he too suffered from addiction, he came back into the series as a man wanting to do better and fix his past mistakes.

3. Realistic Portrayal of a Gay Daughter and Her Father


3. Genuine Portrayal of a Gay Daughter and Her Father

Throughout the series, we see Elena come to terms with her sexuality and being unapologetically herself. With her family’s support (which took some time), we see her bloom into the young woman she is in season 3. Although her family was overall supportive, her relationship with her father suffered greatly. When she came out to him days before her quinceñera, he responded in a way many LGBTQ+ kids fear their parents will. He eventually didn’t show up to Elena’s big day and ultimately abandoned her during her father-daughter dance. YES, THAT SCENE BROKE ME IN HALF. YES, I CRIED MULTIPLE TIMES. Anyways… at the end of the day, the way their relationship is portrayed and eventually what it evolves into is extremely genuine and realistic. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case that parents of LGBTQ+ kids are accepting but it’s important to show a young gay teenager stand tall and realize her father’s response is not her fault.

4. Healthy Teenage LGBTQ+ Relationship


4. Healthy Teenage LGBTQ+ Relationship

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE Elena and Syd’s relationship. The way they got together was as comical as it was cute, which overall defines their whole dynamic. Because Syd is non-binary and goes by they/them pronouns, Elena takes it upon herself to educate her family about her syd-nigficant other. Throughout the series, I’m glad to see their relationship not being over-sexualized – which seems to be the case with the majority of queer relationships in media. Even when it comes to Elena’s first time, the series deals with the concept of consent and making sure you and your partner are on the same page. I hate that I even have to say this but even if you are in a relationship, consent should not be assumed. I think ODAAT does a really good job of portraying not just a healthy queer relationship, but an overall healthy relationship in general.

5. Normalizing Anxiety

Penelope confiding in Schneider.


5. Normalizing Anxiety

The stigma surrounding anxiety has always been dangerous, in my opinion. Making anxiety seem like it’s something we should be embarrassed about doesn’t allow those who suffer with anxiety reach for the help they need. Like most veterans, Penelope suffers from anxiety and depression (ever since the first season). However, because she’s also a mother, she feels the need to put on a brave face for her children. It wasn’t until Elena starts to experience serious cases of anxiety surrounding her ACT/SAT testing – that Penelope decides sharing her own anxiety experiences could actually be a help to her children. She sits them down to have a conversation that I personally think many parents should have with their kids. I know being introduced to anxiety and depression earlier in my life would have saved me A LOT of overthinking that there was something wrong with me. Having shows like ODAAT that provide realistic stories surrounding anxiety and other mental health situations could really change the game for this generation.

6. Realistic Racism Approach

Penelope and Alex.


6. Realistic Racism and White Privilege Approach

Before I start this reason, let me just say: white privilege is real and it’s time those of you who refuse to acknowledge it, learn to accept it. Anyways, ODAAT’s way of portraying cases of racism is something I really appreciate. As much as I also “appreciate” the portrayals of harsh and unignorable cases in other programmings, I like the way ODAAT chooses to focus on the brushed upon and often ignored scenarios. For example, at the beginning of the series, we see Alex go through some internalized shame about his Cuban background. As a kid growing up in today’s America, a case like this isn’t uncommon. Along with internalized shame, we see Alex learn about how he has to be cautious in a way his white friends don’t have to. When Penelope finds out Alex has been smoking, Alex brings up the argument that “all his friends also do it.” If you’re not living under a rock, you know people of color are 9/10 punished harsher for the same actions committed by white people. This being something Alex learns from his own mother is bittersweet in one way or another.


Overall, I could go on and on about more reasons why One Day At A Time should be renewed. Seriously. This list was originally 10 reasons but I didn’t want to spoil too much. From sexual assault to Latinx stereotypes storylines, this series deserves a lot more viewers than it gets. At the end of the day, I hope you take my top 6 reasons into consideration.


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