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Every now and then my procrastination and surfing YouTube for hours actually benefits me. Recently I discovered the rap-rock group Aer. Now Aer has been making music since around 2011, but less than a month ago they dropped their newest self titled album, “Aer”. Let me tell you, it is amazing! Every song is chill enough where you just want to kick back and listen, yet the rap hyped for your day. Aer is comprised of two men, David Von Mering & Carter Schultz. With David normally singing the melodies and playing the guitar, Carter always comes hard with the raps. If I had to liken them to another band it would be Shwayze. Think like “Corona and Lime” esque. These two men from the East coast definitely bring a laid back vibe to all their songs which make easily replayed on your iTunes.  My favorite song off their new album is called “Says She Loves Me” it is definitely worth a listen so I posted the link to the music video below! Seriously my readers, if you in the mood for a smashing melody, and someone who kills it with the rhymes check them out! They are total hunks too if that sweetens the deal…


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