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Recently I’ve stumbled on another rising Chicago artist. A 19 year old student at the Art Institute of Chicago, Maryiah Winding, who goes by the stage name Awkh.

Although she may be tiny the girl radiates with talent and skill. Her music showcases her mindset- confident and driven. Theres no sense of self-doubt, this girl knows what she’s doing and where she’s going. And she’s chasing it with no fear.

In September Awkh dropped her latest project, “This Summer I…”

The artist shared the following words about her work prior to the release, “Hella love, hella shade, hella hope, ambition, passion, good times, cutting up, everything I did and went through this Summer is there. The important stuff at least, like the stuff important enough to make me feel some type of way.  It’s a fun project no chill project in contrast to my last project Politically Correct, but I’ll let yall judge on your own.”

Each track reveals the young artist’s complex style. Featuring a smooth and rare flow, she’s changing the game for female rappers everywhere.

Be sure to check out the rest of her music on her SoundCloud

And keep up with whatever moves she’s making next by liking her Facebook page.


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