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Sometimes when I’m studying for a class, or doing some homework that I really don’t want to do, I find myself on youtube watching Kobe Bryant highlight videos. I found myself doing this a lot this year, because his poor season has lead to me to remanence about just how dominant he was to the game of basketball. He dropped 81 points in one game. He would face up on anyone and just take the jumper in their face. He was the player that has been dominating basketball basically since I was born. To me its hard to separate Kobe and basketball. They are inseparable.

That’s why reading his retirement poem made me emotional, because next year for the first time that I can remember Kobe will not be a part of the Lakers organization. There won’t be that guy who has this incredible desire to win. A guys that would will his team to wins when it seemed like they should of lost. The guy that would make game winning buckets on a regular basis. This season already has been different because he isn’t playing like that guy, but at least he was trying.

Kobe retiring shouldn’t be that different to the game of basketball. He hasn’t played a lot or well for the last couple of seasons. He barley makes shots anymore. He’s retiring because old age has caught up to him, just as all the other greats did before him. But as a fan of basketball its sad to see someone that was basically on top of the basketball world for two decades to finally stop playing. Kobe Bryant has been great to the game of basketball, and has given the sport everything he had, its going to be hard to watch him play his last game.


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