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A PSA for the Trendy Kids

My dear readers, you and I both know that you have mad style. It is safe to assume that you will be one of the top dressers for any of the events/venues you will attend. Whether it be a bar in Wrigleyville, a friends birthday at their apartment, or meeting your significant other’s parents, you know exactly how to dress and the vibe you want to give off. With that being said, this weather is definitely putting a damper on your style. Lets be honest, no one likes to put on a chunky coat over their ensemble, however it could save your life. It saddens me to think college aged students have actually died from these freezing temperatures because they did not dress appropriately. Ladies, I know that mini skirt and crop top show off your bomb body, but why not cover up for the cab ride to the bar, or the walk to the friends house and really make an entrance by whipping off your coat as soon as you enter. Gentleman, I’ve noticed you do tend to cover up more, but this normally means donning a fleece Northface. With this -2 degree weather that Northface is not going to cut it. Don’t be afraid to bring your actual winter coat wherever you go. Life hack coming at cha: You can use your coats as a table or seat saver! The overall message I’m trying to send to you is no outfit is worth your life. You will look just as handsome or cute with extra protection from these Arctic winds. Rock your outfit and stay warm.


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