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  • Deirdre Gonoude

A Recap of Midday Meltdown, Fall Semester

Hi!!! Our names are Chloe and Deirdre and we run a show called Midday Meltdown where we get to talk about life and play our favorite music. We chose the name because we all can relate to those occasional midday meltdowns all too well. So, why not meltdown together, while we chat and listen to some good music?

For the fall semester, we held our show each Thursday morning from 10-11 am. Maybe we caught you waking up, driving to school, or attending your early morning lectures. It wasn’t necessarily midday yet, but that just adds to the madness of Midday Meltdown, anyway!

With the semester coming to a close, we thought we’d wrap up our exciting first season of Midday Meltdown by sharing a brief synopsis of our shows so far, to get us all excited for what’s to come! We’ve attached the playlists of all the songs we played each show, so you can relive them with us as you listen!

10/19: Chloe and Deirdre’s Ultimate Playlist

For our first show, we played our absolute favorite songs and talked about the gist of our show and what we would be doing for the rest of the semester. This was a chance to get to know us, our absolute music essentials, and what we have planned for the future of Midday Meltdown.

10/26: Halloween Special

For our second show, in a timely manner, we had a very exciting Halloween Special. We played all kinds of Halloween music, discussed what costumes we wanted to see, and even had a quick debate about whether we were Team Edward or Jacob–because Twilight can be a Halloween movie if we said so. 

11/2: 1989 Deirdre’s Version

This was a solo show for me, and I chose to make it all things 1989! In honor of the release of 1989 Taylor’s Version, I played my favorite vault tracks, gave some Swifie-Insider context about some songs, and discussed the iconic era of Taylor’s girl groups and 4th of July parties. –Deirdre

11/9: Slow Morning Music

This was another solo week for me, so I took it slow and played some new music as well as some of my favorite songs at the time. -Deirdre

11/23: The Boys are Back/The Grammy Nominations

After two weeks, we were finally back co-hosting together! We did a live update and talked about the Grammy nominations, our predictions, and who we want to win!

11/30: Spotify Wrapped/Female singer-songwriter special

In the last session, we played some of our top-streamed songs to give you a glimpse into our year of music. 

After six exciting weeks of Midday Meltdown, our first semester is over and we are excitedly preparing for what lies ahead! We hope this sneak peek into the music we play and things we discuss on our show will make you want to start tuning in! We’ve loved to get more connected to the listeners and have people call in and chat with us. With the chaos of college and life, we all can find ourselves having those meltdowns, but if you tune in for Midday Meltdown next semester–date and time TBA–we could meltdown together, and might not be too bad after all!

Make sure to follow our Instagram and stay tuned for our streaming time for next semester! Hope to see you there!


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