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A Romantic Collaboration

Hola Readers!

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I am happy to announce that Enrique Iglesias, whom I mentioned in my blog post “It’s 2015!!! DALE!!” about Pitbull, has new music out!

For those of you who do not know or are not familiar with Enrique Iglesias,”he is a famous Spanish singer that made the hit “Hero” years ago but now sings more pop songs too”. As earlier reported, he and Pitbull came to perform at the Allstate Arena on Friday, February 20th. His last and most recent album was titled: “Sex and Love” and was released just last year. Iglesias has released 9 other albums since 1995 and has dedicated his time to “humanitarian causes” according to Wikipedia.

Enrique Iglesias - the Spanish pop singer

Enrique Iglesias – the Spanish pop singer

The new song by Enrique Iglesias is titled “El Perdón” meaning “The Forgiveness”. The co-artist also on this track is Nicky Jam who is a Puerto Rican and Dominican-Boston born reggaetonero. This song is basically a post break-up song about a man looking for the love he lost. Here are the lyrics you can read along to while listening to the song: El Perdón lyrics. [Make sure to translate them into English if needed!]

Nicky Jam - the Puerto Rican and Dominican Boston Born reggaeton artist

Nicky Jam – the Puerto Rican and Dominican Boston Born reggaeton artist

This song is unique because some Enrique Iglesias fans might not be familiar with him singing in other genres. He broadens his musical horizons and portfolio through this song; although it is a love song he does a great job of embracing this different genre and exposing it to his loyal fans.

Here is the song below. Take a listen to it:

According to Latin Music Billboards: Hot Top Latin Songs,”El Perdon” has the biggest gains in streams, airplay along with gains in performance. The song has been on the chart for 6 weeks now but has been #1 as of lately and its peak position is now at 1 also.

Besides enjoying this new song, here are a couple of other Enrique Iglesias favorites below to listen to!

Visit his website for more info: Enrique’s Website

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