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A Rumored Collaboration for Shakira

Shakira is expecting great things for this year

Shakira is expecting great things for this year

It is hard to believe that her style of singing (that sounded sheep-ish to some) was once uncomforting to previous audiences she’s had in the past and yet here Shakira is continuing the construction of her successful music empire.

Shakira started off singing when she was younger in her home country Colombia and also branched out to other Latino countries such as Chile for example. Her initial genre was Spanish rock then she started singing Spanish Pop where she would also infuse sounds of other cultures such as a Middle Eastern feel or Gypsy-feel type of sound in her songs. From Spanish Pop the Latina started incorporating a Contemporary music genre before experimenting with Spanglish songs. It’s no doubt that she reached a wider audience when she released her famous hits in 2005 from her “Oral Fixation Volume 2” CD. If you remember “Hips Don’t Lie” featuring Wyclef Jean or “La Tortura” featuring Alejandro Sanz then you know what I mean.

Fast Forward to today. Shakira has kept up with singing in English, Spanish and Spanglish besides being a modern-day free-spirited Latina Audrey Hepburn, wife, mother, philanthropist,and Crest Toothpaste spokesperson. It was not that long ago that everyone’s favorite Colombian singer and songwriter released her last album. Actually… it was just last year that her last album titled “Shakira” was released and added to her audio discography on Spotify for all to access and enjoy.

Shakira is a spokesperson for Crest products

Shakira is a spokesperson for Crest products

The artists that she worked with last year (and in 2013) were great for collaborations that were outside of the box. For example, her song “Cut Me Deep” featuring Magic! (the guys that sing the hit “Rude“) is a reggae-but-rock-like-No-Doubt-sounding single on heartbreak, hurt, devastation, or her song with her fellow ex co-worker and original host of the singing competition talent search “The Voice”, Blake Shelton titled “Medicine” that is of course a mix between rock and country. And who could forget the one unforgettable new-ish song by Shakira and Rihanna “Can’t Remember to Forget You“? This song was the first single released from this album and Shakira herself has said Rihanna was a great partner for this song because “she is Reggae” which goes great with the instrumental rock in this song as well.

"Can't Remember to Forget You" aka Every girl's anthem to sing to in the car while driving

“Can’t Remember to Forget You” aka Every girl’s anthem to sing to in the car while driving

Now Shakira has been rumored to be collaborating with none other than Iggy Azalea for her NEW album that will be supposedly released this spring. It is still unclear whether or not this new album will be entirely in Spanish like “Fijación Oral Volumen 1” that also came out a decade ago according to the Huffington Post and their sources. It is also said that she will be working with Maná (a very famous Mexican rock band…like Mexico’s U2) and Alejandro Sanz (a Spanish singer and songwriter who she’s made great songs with) again.

If this new album is entirely in Spanish it would be interesting to hear Iggy Azalea rap or try to rap in Spanish just like Drake did when he was featured on the hit “Odio” by Romeo Santos. If not, I am definitely sure it will be something that gives a hyper-bum-shaking-vibe just like Iggy’s last hit with Jennifer Lopez. Regardless we can definitely expect great music from Shakira soon! Be sure to check out some of my favorites by her.

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