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A Very Latino Valentines’ Day

Happy Valentines’ Day Readers!


While I was spending most of today a little under the weather but still running errands there was a couple things I noticed about Valentines’ Day in Chicago.

So in order to have your love interest like this..


most people in a crush-on-you-ationship, relationship, marriage, commitment, flirtationship, situationship or whatever it may be, were stuck in traffic today on the northside of Chicago. I almost forgot today was Valentines’ day but luckily with all the individual selling of the traditional stuffed bear with a rose in a clear packaging I was easily reminded. I also saw a few people running around looking for a cheap deal on these: 


and these:


As my mom and I were running errands, I was running low on my Rolos in a “heart-shaped” red box – it was devastating. The bright-side is: we were jamming to music through-out most of the day. We listened to reggaeton, hip-hop, pop and rap. It was very interesting to see that each genre had a love song. It was a small relief from the anti-Valentines’ Day playlist which featured Adele, Sam Smith and Taylor Swift. Additionally, although I may not blog about pop, I just wanted to share that the new song by Maroon 5 titled “Sugar” is pretty catchy and a good love song as well.

Music will always be an essential part of my life and therefore I wanted to share with you all my special Valentines’ Day 2015 playlist I created on Spotify. It may not fit the standards of someone who is not feeling Valentines’ Day BUT it does feature great Latino Love Songs that are appropriate for today. Songs on this playlist are in Spanish, English, and Spanglish to help expand your horizon to other ear-pleasant, heart-felt love songs. All the songs on this playlist are also by my favorite artists, and of course the artists I’ve recently blogged about [if you notice]. Take a listen and enjoy all of these great hits! 🙂 <3 😉


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