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ABC’s Newest Success Show: Quantico!

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great week and finished their midterms strongly!

When it comes to T.V., I am not one to constantly keep up with a series, however,  I decided to give ABC’s newest show, Quantico, a shot and now I definitely found a show to keep up with every Sunday.



Quantico, revolves around a group of FBI recruits who all had their personal reasons for joining. Similar to How To Get Away With Murder, the series consists of flashbacks of the recruits training in Quantico and later flash forwards to present day where one of the newly recruits ends up being a suspect of one of the biggest terrorist attacks in New York City.

The series starts off with Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), who is found laying on the ground after the attack. FBI immediately assumes it is her who planned the attack and take her into custody. FBI constantly asks her questions and she re-tells the story of her experience while training at Quantico. She mentions everyone she encounters and the story evolves as the viewers get to know more information about each character throughout every episode.


After watching the first two episodes, the viewers are drawn into the suspense of the show because behind every main character, there is a secret about them.

After the first episode, the recruits are assigned to interrogate each other to find out their darkest secrets and are supposed to reveal them to each other. As of now, we are still getting to know the main characters, but one by one, each character’s secrets starts to slip out as the show progresses.

With the theme revolving around who committed the terrorist attack, everyone can be considered a suspect, however, Alex is the main target because not only was she found laying on the ground right by the attack, her former lover/classmate, Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin), was found shot in her apartment and the bullet found in his body was from her gun.


Can you say plot twist? With all the evidence leading to Alex, Alex does whatever she can to clear her name. Who really shot Ryan? Who committed the terrorist attack? What secrets do the FBI trainees hold? Is Alex really innocent?

Be sure to check out Quantico every Sunday at 10/9c on ABC!

Until next time,

Priya 🙂



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