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Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful

Action Bronson is without a doubt one of the hottest contenders in the Hip Hop game right now. Following the release of his album, one can’t deny the influence and power this New York based rapper has. The chef turned lyricist holds powerful rhymes and diction within his mind. With every song he puts out you hear more and more of the story he is telling.

“Mr. Wonderful” is a powerful meeting of minds; the star power behind the album in its entirety is outrageous! The list of collaborators on the album boasts powerful musicians and artists such as Mark Ronson, Billy Joel, Party Supplies, Chicago’s Chance, The Alchemist and even Statik Selectah. The album as a whole tells a vivid story of Action. A wild, hilarious, crude yet still cultured tale is shared with this album.

Choosing a favorite song on the album is a tough job. For me personally, I am a huge fan of both “Terry” as well as “Baby Blue”. While the quirkiness of “Baby Blue” is something I hold dear, the overwhelming funk of “Terry” has found a spot in my mind’s eye. On the flip side, personally I relate to “Baby Blue” more so than “Terry”.

Which song between the two do you like?

Action Bronson is performing at the House of Blues on the 21st of April, get your tickets here.


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