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Afrojack? Eminem? Whooooo? Publicity Stunt? What?

So if you are part of Eminem’s fan army, you are probably familiar with this. You have probably went on Afrojack’s FB page or Instagram or Twitter, and posted somewhere, “Who?” If you are not, here is “what happened”

  1. During the MTV EMAs Afrojack was spinning for Snoop Dogg (lion, lol), in front of a very entertained crowd.

  2. Will Ferrell was also there playing Ron Burgundy and promoting the event. After Eminem received his award, Burgundy asked what Eminem thought of Afrojack “talking s**t” about him, to which Eminem replied “WHO?”…Yea this was on TV.

  3. Eminem’s army took off to social media, to face Afrojack with one question, “WHO?”

  4. Afrojack and Snoop upload a short video dancing to Eminem’s “My Name is”…Except its not my name is slim shady, but, Afrojack. Afrojack also said that he loves Ron Burgundy and Eminem.

What do you think, is this a publicity stunt or a real beef?


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