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Alex Winston Taking Over Schuba’s


From the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan Alex Winston is a talented woman who started chasing her passion for music at the young age of 7. Back then, she was given a guitar and started to teach herself several songs. From there she was then trained in Opera, believe it or not. As we chatted on the phone she explained that she was always constantly singing and then her mother decided to enroll her in singing classes.

Since her childhood days she has come a long way in her music career. Releasing single after single, her most recent album is called Careless is a huge step for her. Alex explains that she was going through a few big changes in her life and that’s why her music took leaps and bounds from her previous material.

Winston constantly writes new songs, constantly tours, and if that’s not busy enough she makes time to play benefit shows like the upcoming Stars and Stripes show in Massachusetts. She will be playing along side artists like Walk the Moon and ASTR. (Fun Fact: July 4th is Alex’s favorite holiday; what’s not to love about food and fireworks?)

Alex just got off touring with Neon Trees and she had the time of her life. Having the chance to not only play out West and down South, but also play for a new audience was what she loved the most.

So what are you to expect from Alex’s show? Well she told us was she loved about live shows and what she wants people to do at shows.

“It’s a very high energy show; I love being on stage! I want people to forget all the other shit out there and just have a good time.”

“Really grateful for people for sticking around with me” Winston says to all her current fans and any newcomers. I personally can not wait to get off work to check her out live!

After attending her show at Schuba’s, I saw how Alex kept her word. I went to the show with a cluttered mind and while enjoying her performance, I forgot about everything else and was captured by her performance. She danced on stage, laid across the floor,  banged on the bass drum, and jumped into the crowd of fans to dance alongside them. Several time during her set she would have a bright smile on her that truly showed how much she loved what she was doing. I highly recommend checking her out next time she is around; be sure to check out her album Careless as well!


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