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Well, here we go again. Either you were out with friends, had a busy schedule, or simply procrastinated, you know you will be holding an all-nighter. This day is bound to come to every college student and the pressure is ON. You know you have 2 midterms tomorrow, a major project due the next day, and let’s not forget the book you have to finish reading for English class. It’s one of those days you know you will not be getting any sleep. You might be feeling like this…


Some of us are pros at holding all-nighters, while others have no idea what to do and pass out at midnight. (Like me). For people in that situation, they may feel like it is the end of the world. However, there are ways to survive these all-nighters without wanting to die the next day.

First things first, we have to prepare for this all-nighter. Pick a workplace that is well-lit and an area that is not as comfortable as your bed so you are not tempted to fall asleep. Simply sitting in a desk with a chair is a good option because there is plenty of room for your books and also the urge to fall asleep is less. Be sure to gather all your materials beforehand so you are not constantly getting up to find the materials you need in order to do the assignment. Trust me, the worst feeling is being awake at 3 a.m. and not being able to find the prompt to the essay you have to write about that is due tomorrow. BE ORGANIZED.

Food. A college kid’s best friend especially during those late night cram sessions. While holding an all-nighter, be sure to be stocked on food. Studying on an empty stomach won’t do good to anyone. Keeping yourself energized is important to maintaining your focus and being productive. This means eating foods that are healthy and good for you. Avoid the cookies, cake, and chocolates. Eating unhealthy food will only give us energy for a little while, but then we will tend to crash earlier. Instead try eating a sandwich, protein bars, or fresh fruit. These will give you much more energy without the urge of wanting to crash.

H20 is good for you! One of the most important things that can help benefit you in your all-nighter is staying hydrated. Your body needs water to help keep your brain cool, and to have fluid perform necessary chemical functions in your body. There are varies opinions about whether or not one should consume caffeinated beverages during an all-nighter. If you absolutely need to drink your caffeinated beverage, drink in moderation. One large dose of a caffeinated beverage before the all-nighter will lead to a massive crash in the middle of the night, so that is not recommended.

Lastly, take breaks. Cramming everything without taking a break will end up making it more difficult to focus. When taking a break, I would advise you to get up and move around. Getting the blood to your brain will help get rid of the fatigue you might be experiencing from constantly studying. Try not to think about the task you were previously working on, or else it will seem like you never took a break at all. If need be, take a short nap. Make sure you do not sleep too long, or else you will end up waking up more tired than before. A quick 15 to 20 minute power nap should do it.

Remember to take a deep breath and to think positive. Holding an all-nighter is a stressful event and by panicking, it only makes the situation worse. Give yourself a pep-talk, remember that YOU CAN DO IT! 😀

Good luck on your all-nighter! For those of you taking a study break, this song will definitely take your mind off of things.


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