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Andrew W.K. Announces “The Human Party Machine Solo Tour”


Andrew W.K.‘s debut album I Get Wet dropped in 2001.  Ever since then, his mission has been to accomplish one thing and one thing only: motivate people to PARTY.   His album cover was controversial in itself, a shot of his face with a very bloody nose (f.y.i. I have hilariously learned that wearing this image on a t-shirt receives pretty interesting looks). His hits “Party Hard” and “She is Beautiful” captivated audiences with his bold messages to party and his concept of overdubbing his music.  Andrew W.K. wanted to make it sound as “party” as possible so that the sounds of the songs sound like one instrument instead of several.  In 2003 he released The Wolf that included the singles “Never Let Down” and “Tear it Up”. Although still party-oriented, these songs had more melodic tunes and more influential lyrics.  Close Calls with Brick Walls was released in 2006 and was produced with a more traditional rock sound. 55 Cadillac was released in 2009 as an instrumental solo piano album.

It is essential to say that you don’t know Andrew W.K. unless you have seen him live.  Having experienced his show myself, this man not only knows how to party but how to motivate! It’s a known fact that he’s a motivational speaker, and he certainly proved himself as an inspiring man. His show was like taking several doses of dopamine and serotonin, I felt incredibly happy after leaving his show.  Andrew W.K. has a way of making his fans all feel like close personal friends; all hanging out to just drink a couple of beers, enjoy each other’s company and party hard.

Andrew W.K. will be in Joliet May 24th at Mojoes.  On stage will be his keyboard, a microphone, and the man himself. I expect to see him in his trademark white tee, white pants, long hair and tennis shoes: the perfect party outfit.

Andrew says about his tour: “I’m truly excited and terrified of what will happen at these shows. It’s designed for maximum chaos and to put us in the closest proximity to the abyss we can manage. But we’re going to be in it together, arm-in-arm and heart-to-heart, becomeing a human party machine made up of blood, love, and courage. Get your friends together and let’s f****** do this!”

-Jelly Ramone

He’ll be performing various hits at his show. Check them out for some “party”.


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