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Around the World with P.E.D.


Hopefully it’s pretty clear that I love to do different things (numerous posts with all different topics 😉 ) Of course similarly to many other people my age, I want to see the world! I want crazy wild adventures (not super crazy, but ones I laugh back at later); I physically want to leave my mark wherever I go (I intend on carving my name in places around the U.S. and the world). But the difference between myself and some of the other wannabe world travelers, is the fact that I also want to help wherever I go. I would love to help orphaned children in Africa, discuss public policies in Naples, or even see Angel Falls in real life (yes, it is a real place not just a fictional spot in the movie UP!). Instead of day dreaming while I zone out in class, I decided to make some of my dream a reality.

While doing an assignment for LAS 111 (thanks Ms. Ricker), I learned of Pangea Educational Development. P.E.D. (as it is abbreviated) is a service-learning opportunity for college students and other adults. It is a organization dedicated to the building of schools in Uganda for orphaned/impoverished children, teaching sustainability (i.e. agriculture, life, educationally, etc.), and in a more obvious way giving hope to children abroad who otherwise would not have a future.The organization was created by two DePaul University students, Drew Edwards and Andrew Bauer when they needed to create an idea for their micro-finance class. Neither one knew that their idea would become a life-chaging reality. Drew Edwards had taken a year off before beginning his education at DePaul. While taking his year off, he decided to help in Uganda for a more profound personal experience. After finishing his micr-finance class in 2011, he decided to create the P.E.D. organization. through grassroots funding (including a bra drive!), Edwards was able to gain some sponsorship and people willing to literally get their hands dirty by serving in Uganda. After hearing all of this, I was sold! They offer three trips for the summer of 2014( I’m hoping to go for four weeks). Though this study abroad opportunity is not linked directly with the University, students can benefit if they would like to study abroad. There is a link at the bottom for anyone who is interested. 


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