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Artist On the Rise: Tinashe


Although I have been thoroughly enjoying Tinashes mixtapes for the last year and a half or so, she has finally captured the attention of a major record label. The stunningly beautiful California native has recently been signed to RCA Records after releasing two critically acclaimed mixtapes. Her mixtapes, In Case We Die and Reverie, excellently showcase the distinct and creatively risky brilliance that she has as a budding performer. Her music is unlike anything on the mainstream radio, but Tinashe somehow manages to create soothing and catchy hooks despite her somewhat odd musical production and arrangements. The experimental and originality of her sound proves that she is indeed a true artist. With her creation of R&B with slightly more alternative sound, Tinashe has created a lane for herself on the R&B scene that no other current female R&B artist is occupying. Her sound is undeniably unique and her voice possesses this hauntingly emotive quality that is unlike any other female R&B artist. As she continues on her path the mainstream success, it will be important that she does not lose the distinct musical and artistic qualities that captured the attention of RCA execs. Let’s hope that she does not become another commercially manufactured diva famous for half naked instagram pics and cliche sexually charged tunes. In a musical generation where most music sounds like the same recycled artistically shallow garbage, it is important for artists like Tinashe to continue to use music for its true artistic purposes.

Listen to her new single, 2 On feat. ScHoolboy Q below:


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