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Artist Spotlight: GQ


After a long anticipated wait GQ is getting ready to release his next mixtape the 11th Hour. He states “It is crunch time with his music and career we in the 11th hour the hour right before the change” and that is reflected in his newest mixtape. Based in Atlanta, GA, GQ is influenced by the beats and energy of the Atl, but stays true to his Illinois roots. There’s electricity to his music, which is refreshing to hear with the current state of rap music. His sound can be described as music that you can feel, real music, and definitely real hip-hop, an artist that keeps you moving and listening. GQ has been rapping for over 20 years and is apart of Official Music Team, with other up and coming artist Cartier, AR, D Dot Gezy,B Killa artist and producer Plad C.Also affiliated A Elèvè and Hell Rell (Cavolli) making this Official Music Team a strong force. You can follow GQ on Facebook(, Twitter(@youknowgq), Instagram(@youknowgq), and at also subscribe to YouknowGQ youtube channel.Follow the Official Music movement at Here also are some links to check out the Official Music Team.


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