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Autumn & Winter: Events Across Chicago

hi guys! welcome to my very first blog :)

i thought it was best to start out with some fun ideas that i, personally, have been looking for: what to do during autumn or winter in Chicago?

here are a few events across Chicago that you should stop by and enjoy!

more spooky & fall feeling events:

from september 21, 2023 to november 5, 2023

scheduled from september 29, 2023 to october 29, 2023

october 31st, 2023 and starts at 6pm!

october 28, 2023, starting at 3pm!

from september 2, 2023 to october 31st, 2023

more of a holiday kind of feel:

opens friday, november 17th, 2023 and closes after january 7, 2024

open from november 10th, 2023 to january 7, 2024

light ceremony will be held on november 17, 2023!

save the date for saturday, november 18, 2023

opens november 18, 2023!

hope you guys find this helpful and will be exploring a few of these!

tune in for more stories from: #lachurrosstories


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