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  • Daniela Guerrero

Bailes Tristes Para Delincuentes: Depresión Sonora at Park West!

Life can be a lot, but the second you are just one more person in a crowd watching an artist you love, everything starts looking a little bit better.

Perhaps it's the magic of realizing that the artists we admire are also human beings with their own feelings and lives, that their music is their passion, and that they have traveled all the way to that stage to share it with you.

Or maybe it’s the realization that the songs that you walk to, shower to, and even cry to are also inspired by their feelings, and maybe you and the artist you love have more in common than you think. You look around, and you see others singing the songs that felt so intimate to you. After all, we are all humans with complex emotions looking for creative ways to express ourselves. You are no longer isolated.

I discovered Depresión Sonora a couple months ago while hunting for indie post-punk bands that sang in Spanish. I was craving the raw emotions of post-punk in my native language. It wasn’t hard to find Marcos Crespo and his current project, Depresión Sonora, who has been leading the genre since the release of "Hasta que llegue la muerte," his first single, in April 2020.

Marcos was born in Vallecas in 1997. What I find fascinating about his music is how relatable it is. Depresión Sonora explores the ups and downs of your 20s and critically comments on the collective social fatigue that our generation is living through as a result of capitalism. Locked in his room during the COVID-19 pandemic, Marcos decided to record music with a guitar and his computer. Discussing depression, social inequity, and existentialism, we are gifted with an extensive discography of 17 singles, an album, and his latest release, “Vivo del Air."

His album “El arte de morir muy despacio” is one of the most beautifully curated albums I have encountered. Divided into three parts and influenced by rap, pop lo-fi, and electronic music, he takes you on an 11-song, 40-minute journey. The first four songs, “Parte I: Introducción a la Entropía”, “Bienvenido al Caos”, “Veo tan Dentro'' and “Dos adolecentes y su primer amor,” are melancholic; these beats have no rush. Is the individual discovering the world and its potential, forging a personality through trial and error?

“un día de repente estás aquí y nadie te ha explicado cómo vivir”

The album is pessimistic and obscure, yet you want to dance and scream. The second part of this album focuses on trauma, solitude, and hate. The air gets heavier, and the beats get faster.

“Cara de mierda, mierda de ciudad

Me quema las entrañas voy a explotar”

The last four songs ask you to reflect on what you’ve learned and to be present. With a more produced and synthetic sound, Marcos’ voice soothes you to the realization that life moves a bit too quickly and the moment is now.

“Me voy de casa, quiero ser artista,

Aunque sea una mierda, viviré mi vida”

The show was even better than I had imagined; being able to photograph one of my favorite artists is always such a privilege! Shoutout to Sonido Muchacho Records for allowing me to photograph and cover the Nov 21st show at Park West. While managing to showcase a range of emotions, Depresión Sonora kept the crowd gasping and on their feet. It was my first time at Park West, and I was surprised by the venue; it was so spacious while still feeling cozy. Surprisingly, the venue also had a variety of seating options for those who preferred to enjoy the show sitting down. And very importantly, to the lighting team, WOW! The always-changing lights created an incomparable ethereal atmosphere.

Check out some of my favorite Depresión Sonora’s songs!

Veo tan Dentro - Exploring the beauty of love and how money, work, and distance can quickly get in the way. This song reminds you how comforting love is, yet how scary it is to lose such comfort.

“Sube a la bici, te llevo a la playa

Haremos un castillo, que nadie lo rompa

No soy nadie, pero quiero gustarte,

Quiero conocerte, si no te importa.

Tirado en la cama rescato recuerdos,

Viajando entre fotos, quitándome miedos,

No me hagas daño hasta dentro de un tiempo,

Disfruta es nuestro momento.”

Dos Adolescentes y su Primer Amor - With devastating lyrics, this song traps you in its upbeat rhythm.

“Qué casualidad habernos conocido,

Que me acaricies el pelo hasta quedarme dormido,

Qué necesidad de oírte respirar,

Aún no es tarde pero ya te has ido.

Se ha quedado tanto sin hacer, que ya no sé cómo decir adiós,

Como dos adolescentes y su primer amor.”

Gasolina y Mechero -My favorite song! I love how he almost challenges you to fall in love.

“Vengo del futuro a avisarte de algo

Nada de lo que haces te va a salvar

El tiempo nos dará la razón,

Enamórate, nos morimos igual”

Marcos stated, “The only thing I’ll say in English is “OPEN THE PIT,” and we did. Almost as collective therapy.


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