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Bang Bang

WOW. So it’s been a crazy week.

Midterms are over and that means catching up on TV shows!

That’s right.  It’s been a while since I watched “The Big Bang Theory”.  So I’ve been spending my Saturday catching up and I’m finally caught up!

So, for those of you who watch it, I must admit, a lot has changed.  The biggest change I saw while catching up was that Amy and Sheldon finally KISSED. That’s right.  I mean, it only took 7 seasons for that happen.

Personally, I love the couples on the show.  Leonard and Penny are absolutely adorable.  Their chemistry together shows that opposites really do attract.

Sheldon and Amy are different, but in a cute way.  Their relationship is different from the rest.  I must admit though, that once the two started dating, Sheldon has changed, in a better way.  He became more open minded and affectionate than to how he was in the earlier seasons.

Howard and Bernadette are the married couple that fight through everything together.  They work out all their problems and the way it works out every time shows the audience that communication is key in a relationship.

Have you caught up on the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory”? If so, comment below what you thought about it!

Till next time,




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