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Beach Fossils: May 1st at SubT

Dreamy, beachy, relaxing, the perfect summer band to chill out to. Beach Fossils is a Brooklyn collection of artists that have been creating music since 2009. Despite their mellow sound, I hear that they are famous for their energetic live performances.

They are touring to promote the release of their new album, Clash the Truth, a progression of their sound and likely to be a source of propulsion for their popularity considering its genius. Sitting and playing the album all the way through in an “altered state” is nothing short of a fantastic time. Personally this album, along with the rest of their music, has been a source of artistic motivation and inspiration for myself.

They are playing a show with the rad dudes of Twin Peaks and Ivy Dye at Subterranean this Wednesday, May 1st at 8:00pm. This show is 17+ so you are all able to attend and get drunk before or something cool like that. It will be a nice relaxing break from finals studying. And who studies for those things anyway, right? FYI, this will be my third time seeing a show at SubT in less than a week… I have an addiction to good music.

More music and some rando-photos after the jump. -Nick Mosca

Here’s an awesome Twin Peaks tour/music video. You will find me jumping around in the middle of the pit during their set, come give me a shove and I’ll return the favor.



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