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Best Songs by Men Covered by Women

There are a lot of good songs both by men and women. Don’t get me wrong — original songs are great. You can feel the emotion coming straight from the artist that wrote those words that their singing. But have you ever heard a cover that just blew your socks off? Especially one redone by a woman? Below I have listed my top five songs that were originally done by men, covered by women.

5. Foxes – Photograph (originally by Ed Sheeran)

Don’t get me wrong — Ed Sheeran makes pretty mediocre music. In my opinion, his music should not be on the radio at all, let alone played That Much. But Foxes makes one of his most unbearable songs a little more bearable. For a good thirty seconds, I even forgot that it was an Ed Sheeran song to begin with, and not her own. She sings it with such conviction that she makes the song hers.

4. Kacey Musgraves – Somewhere Only We Know (originally by Keane)

The queen of merging sad girl pop music and country, Kacey does not disappoint on this Keane classic. With just a piano, and plucked banjo as well as cello, Kacey proves that this song despite being covered over and over, is really hers. It belongs to her now. Keane, your rights to “Somewhere Only We Know” have been revoked and given to Kacey Musgraves.

3. Fleur East – Levels (originally by Nick Jonas)

With this cover of this Nick Jonas classic, Fleur East proves to everyone listening why her version is simply better than the original. Not only is it broken down to regular old instruments instead of fancy production, Fleur’s rasp shines through where Jonas’ normally lacks live. On top of that, she mashes it up with “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette. Fleur’s cover proves exactly why she should be a household name.

2. Lizzo – Adore You (originally by Harry Styles)

Since Harry Styles covered Lizzo’s “Juice” a few months ago, the two’s fan bases have been asking, no, begging, for Lizzo to cover one of Harry’s songs. Finally, she decided to bless the world with this gem of a cover. Not only does she slow this song down to make it more raunchy, in true Lizzo fashion, she even throws in a flute solo during the bridge. Harry — the ball is back in your court.

1. Wolf Alice – Steal My Girl (originally by One Direction)

By far the most unique out of all the covers, Wolf Alice brings us back to the 90’s with this grunge inspired cover of One Direction’s “Steal My Girl”. As Wolf Alice’s lead singer Ellie Roswell softly sings about the pines of everyone wanting to steal her girl, guitarist Joff Oddie screams out what seems to be Roswell’s real feelings with his guitar. A truly unique cover, Wolf Alice really made the song their own.


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