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BIG K.R.I.T ‘s Kritically Acclaimed Tour: BJ The Chicago Kid, Dolorean, and Scotty ATL at Met

       BIG K.R.I.T’s Kritically Acclaimed Tour is named just that for a reason. From the opening act to the main event every artist on the tour is noteworthy and changing the game in the world of hip hop and R and B. The night opened with up and coming rapper Dolorean from Houston, Texas performing his hit song “Parallel Park” off his Look Alive mixtape. For this to be Delorean’s first tour he commanded and held your attention throughout his performance. Next up was Scotty ATL kept the momentum up with his hit Cloud IX and other bangers from his highly anticipated next project the Cooligan 2 is coming soon. “I feel like everybody on this tour is making history, K.R.I.T. brought us all together on this tour and when we look back its going to be like we were apart of something incredible” Scotty commented. BJ the Chicago Kid stole the show with his cool Chicago swagger singing some of the dopest R and B melodies of this generation. The Chicago Kid performed Church featuring Chance the Rapper and was clearly happy to be home. BJ’s demeanor and stage presence is of seasoned artist and is signed to Motown for a reason. By the time the main event BIG K.R.I.T hit the stage the show was completely sold out. Only a Mississippi rapper will have an old school Cadillac Elderado on stage. K.R.I. T performed songs from his large body of music and from his most recent work Cadillactica: Pay Attention and Mt. Olympus. K.R.I.T’s energy is contagious if you are not a fan you will become one by the end of the show. The Kritically Acclaimed Tour has 28 more tour dates and definitely not to be missed.
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