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Boogie Break.

Hello Everyone.

So the fall semester is coming to a close, three more weeks till winter break! As you might have experienced, the end of the semester is probably the most stressful and taxing time of the school year. Today alone, I have a group presentation, two papers, two quizzes, and online homework due. I can’t take it! I do not want to leave my bed.

Truthfully, the only things getting me through these last few weeks are my hourly doses of coffee and the power of dance music.  I hate having to sit in front of a computer screen for long periods of time or reading text book chapters in one sitting, I have learned to pace myself to not get overwhelmed. What I try to do in order to maintain my sanity is what I like to call “Boogie Breaks”.  Boogie Breaks are quite simple. Let me explain…

First symptom, of an upcoming ‘Boogie Break’  is the feeling of exhaustion, or a sensation of rage towards inanimate objects such as a book or computer.

Next,  shut off whatever you are doing and pop open my  “Boogie Break” playlist on Spotify.

Lastly,  Dance!

The good thing about Boogie Breaks is that by the time you realize that you need to get back to doing work, your adrenaline is pumping  and you only have one thing in mind…to murder the assignment you were working on!  It gets your blood flowing, gets your mind off the task at hand, and allows you to get your thoughts together for a few minutes. So when you get back to working hard, you’re like this baby.

You guys, I know the semester is almost over, and just like Miley Cryus says “We Can’t Stop”. We have not worked hard these last few months to lose focus now! REMEMBER STAY FOCUSED, GET WORK DONE, AND HAVE A BOOGIE BREAK! All the hard work be worth it. Once you get your grade at the end of semester, you can walk around like Beyonce.

You can check out my Boogie Break playlist on my Spotify account via


You can also find me on twitter @isaacs_W0RLD.  I currently have eleven followers. 🙁

Thanks again everyone.

Happy Thursday!


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