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Breakfast makes perfect

Every day when I wake up, it’s usually because my stomach wakes me up. I am one of those people who needs food in me as soon as I get out of bed and by food I mean breakfast, and by breakfast I mean eating breakfast food any time before 3 P.M. To be honest, I can eat breakfast any time of the day, that’s why it’s my favorite meal of the day. Since it is finals week, ill let you all in on one secret, if you eat breakfast, your day will be great and you’ll ace your exam. That’s why this week I decided to write a review on a few of the most delicious breakfast restaurants near UIC!

One of my all time favorite and regular places to go to is Hashbrowns on Maxwell St. Hashbrowns is one of the newer places on Maxwell street that has made a good reputation for its one of a kind sweet potato hash browns. They have a permanent place at the Taste of Chicago and do extremely well with their one of a kind dishes. I love the fact that it is casual and they serve breakfast till 3 P.M. which is perfect for me. I love my eggs and one of my favorite things to get here is their ‘Eggs Benedict Double Trouble’. It’s poached eggs, Canadian bacon, sautéed spinach on an english muffin. I think that this dish is just perfect. They give you a side of hash browns and toast which makes it a filling meal. Their fresh orange juice is really refreshing and if you’re in the mood to drink a little alcohol, their mimosas and bloody marrys are terrific. Over all I would give this place an 8/10. Great location, great prices, great food!

My second favorite breakfast place to go to is this little cafe called Demitasse Cafe. To be honest, if you walk by it, you will not even notice it. I was introduced to this place by one of my friends. I went to get breakfast with her one morning and it took me ten minutes just to find the place since it is not noticeable at all. This place has a very cozy feeling and the waitress was super nice. Every breakfast place I’ve been to has mostly the same pancakes, waffles, eggs, the usual. But the menu for Demitasse’s surprised me. They had all the same things, except for something different in all of them. I love flapjacks and not a lot of breakfast places make them, and they were on the menu! Of course, my perpetually confused self decided to pick something else. I decided to go with the french toast. Now I am not usually a person who orders french toast at a breakfast place, I’m an eggs all the way kinda gal. However, the french toast here was dipped in custard as compared to the usual egg. It was just phenomenal! I ate every single bite on my plate. I definitely recommend going here for the people who love pancakes, waffles and french toast. This place is great!


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