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  • Karen Ortega

Brutalmente Fresas: Our story

After exactly one year of friendship, Samantha and I got the idea to start a podcast. You may be thinking -- after only one year? 12 months after meeting? How well can that go? Well, Sam and I’s friendship is one you don’t see every day. We connect and relate to each other in more ways than we know, every day we learn something new about each other and every day we become that much closer. Sharing a podcast together has been an invaluable and refreshing experience, not only because we can talk for hours without getting bored but because we felt we were missing out on living up to our greatest potential, especially creatively. But Brutalmente Fresas has changed that for us, it’s become a huge part of our lives and a motivator to keep pursuing our desired career paths. Here we are five months later, thriving and growing.

Our goal for the podcast was to build a platform where we could express ourselves freely but also project a sense of comfort to our listeners. In other words, we wanted to make our listeners feel understood and seen because we all experience hardships and doubts in life, whether it's in our relationships, friendships, social media image, or academic standing. We planned to achieve this by discussing topics many of the people around us can relate to, while structuring our conversation in a realistic conversational approach. When you tune in to Brutalmente Fresas, it's as if you're just another one of our best friends venting or talking about our lives. Sam and I are firm believers in talking it out to reach peace of mind, we only hope that is what we are exemplifying through our talks.

I'd like to close out this blog by sharing some of my wisdom with you all. It's important for us to acknowledge that no one is perfect or better than you are, we are all moving through life at different paces and that’s okay. Someone’s success is not your loss, and someone’s loss is not your accomplishment. Life is simple if you let it be, take it one step at a time, and enjoy the experiences but always learn as much as you can every step of the way.


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