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Budding Talent: Jhené Aiko


This stunning multi-racial beauty has been featured on songs with some of today’s hip hop heavy weights. She has collaborated with Big Sean, Drake, J. Cole, and even Kanye West. It’s Aiko’s soothing tone and brilliant placement of her vocals over gritty hip hop beats that allows her to stand out amongst an industry filled with lackluster pop divas. As Jhene continues to gain more notoriety, it is clear that she is an undeniable talent that is needed to help revive the questionable status of r&b.

In November of 2011, Aiko released her first mix tape titled Sailing Soul(s). The mixtape is easily one of the best r&b mixtapes released sing Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia Ultra. Throughout the entire tape, Aiko tackles issues of abuse, abandonment, single parenting, and love. Each song showcases the strength of Aiko’s falsettos and the gentle strength of her unique tone. The songs are incredibly personal and give listeners the idea of the issues that Aiko has faced throughout the last few years of her life. Once you hear it once, you will most likely find yourself listening to the mixtape from top to bottom over fifty times. It is so short, yet so amazing.

The singer has been signed to Island Def Jam after the positive feedback from her first artistic effort. Jhené has everything that it takes to be star in today’s industry if it was still a music industry which primarily focused on content and talent. She is a clever writer, distinct vocalist, and is an incredibly innovative artist. She is far more than a hook singer for rap songs. The material that Aiko has released is truly art and attempts to inspire listeners like the music once did. Unfortunately, as the music industry and the listeners continue to search of shallow lyrics and catchy hooks, the possibility for mainstream success for Aiko as a solo is rather dismal. Despite this unfortunate truth, her Sailing Out mixtape is due in November, and her album is expected to be released sometime early next year.

Here is a link to Jhené’s mix tape and some videos of her doing her thing. 


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