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Can’t get enough

One big challenge was to start as rookies but provide a high-quality app that does what other big players already offer. Our numbers grew incredibly fast, and so did the demands of our users, which we had to grow with very quickly. Good is not good enough, even if your app is free.

Another challenge was how to handle press. Press buzz and hype can help you to develop a strong brand and gain attention in the beginning, but there is a big difference between publishers and readers. It’s easy to get in touch with publishers, but it’s hard to talk directly with your audience. Even if you are an early-stage startup, invest as soon as possible in an experienced head of press.

Sometimes it can be really seducing to get a bit more buzz. For most people, more users equals more money equals more success. But sometimes it doesn’t. Take a step back and consider which news and which announcements are really helpful to you. Not only in design does “less is more” count.

Let me quote my good friend and CEO Christian Reber on the most important challenge: “Prepare to fail.” If you want to read about insights into failing and learning, you should read his startup lessons featured on The Next Web.

How do you feel about growing a company in Berlin? Did conversations with people in Berlin (at meetups, etc.) inspire you to create your product? Do you seek inspiration in coffee shops or when walking, hiking, etc.? Have you had a chance to see what the community is like outside of Berlin, perhaps in other countries?


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