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Chicago Bulls Top Off-Season Acquisitions

THE CHICAGO BULLS ARE BACK…well in a couple of weeks..BUT THEY’RE BACK! Now that the summer is over, it’s time to take a look at their top off-season acquisitions!

Wendell Carter Jr

With the 7th pick of the 2018 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls selected Wendell Carter Jr from Duke University. With a much needed big man to play alongside their young star Lauri Markkanen, the Bulls decided to draft a player who they felt could not only coexist with Lauri but compliment Lauri. Despite the notoriously weak defense from Duke last season, Wendell was able to hold his own by averaging 2.1 blocks throughout the season. He was also capable of spreading the floor, averaging 41% from three on 1.2 attempts per game ( His defensive and offensive versatility is rare in today’s game and at only 19 years old, Wendell gives the Bulls a brighter future.

Jabari Parker

With a need at the Small Forward position and room for a luxurious player, the Bulls decided to offer Jabari Parker a two-year contract worth $40 million. As a restricted free agent, the Milwaukee Bucks had the option to match the Bulls offer and keep Jabari however, the Bucks did not have enough money to match the offer, allowing the Bulls to sign Jabari.

There were a lot of mixed feelings from fans when the signing first surfaced. Jabari Parker is an exceptional player, a star when healthy however, Jabari has been everything but healthy. Over the past four years, Jabari has torn his ACL twice, missing more than 100 games! Unfortunately, this is only half of fans concerns. Jabari is notorious for being a defensive liability. With the Bulls coming off a season where they ranked 28th in defensive efficiency, fans shouldn’t be hopeful for an improvement with Jabari in the lineup.

Nevertheless, Jabari Parker is still an exciting player who will only generate more sales for the Bulls especially since he’s from Chicago. And now that he’s back home, everyone should anticipate hearing that glorious yell “FROMMM CHICAGO” for when Jabari gets announced for the very first home regular season game.. And for that alone, Bulls fans should be excited for the upcoming season.


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