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Chicago Rap Spotlight: KWON


Its not all the time I get to blog about somebody I personally know but this is the case with this one featuring Kwon. Back in the day I used to go to the same school as him and now he’s out here making some great songs. I have highlighted some of my favorite songs by him below to get you more accustomed to one of Chicago’s great local artists.

Devils Advocate

This song is crazy by Kwon. He’s talking about real issues in his life and in the society around him. The beat sets the mood great for the realness he brings to the mic. This song reminds me of old Kendrick and its great. Check it out Below.


This beat is straight fire and Kwon rides this perfectly over it delivering a great flow throughout. Besides this song being catchy, Kwon delivers a great message throughout talking about overcoming lifes obstacles and bringing good despite it.

Shook Ones

I wasn’t expecting this, Kwon rapping over one of my all time favorite songs “Shook Ones” by Mobb Deep. His wordplay on this is awesome and he actually does this track justice, that many rappers are unable to do. Check it out!

Project Kid Mixtape

If you liked what you heard above, I would recommend checking out the full mixtape. He has some great songs on this and overall it is dope project by a great local talent.


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