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Church Key “& You”

Artist: Churchkey Record: & You Record Label: Self Released

Rating: 5/5


I wish I could have released this post when local Chicago rockers Churchkey released their most recent work “& You” in July of 2014 because their record deserves as much attention as time can garner. Filled with heartbreak, love and its associated pains Churchkey is emotionally charged but still able to have the sonic strength not to let these ideas and emotions fall back into the relm of the cliche. This is a record that you can scream to driving back from Indiana at 100 miles an hour searching for your break in life. Each track on “& You” deserves multiple listens because the intricacy of the lyrical and musical content really open up after two or three times through, enough repetition to put one’s guard, if there is any, against pop-punk, or whatever genre this record falls into, down. I have had many great experiences with this record because even though it is great to scream to driving at 100 miles an hour, it is situationally dexterous, meaning that a beautiful sunny day when you’re moonwalking calls for “& You” just as much as when you’re alone in your bed before you fall asleep in darkness.

Also; It’s f888king free. (Their other wonderful record is too)

Reviewer: Matthew Balzekas


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