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Concert Review: The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness Tour

The Weeknd’s sold out Beauty Behind The Madness Tour took place Friday November 6,2015 at the United Center. Get this seats in the nosebleed section were going for a whooping $300 a pop.Was it worth it? Let me tell you what not to expect The Weeknd did not perform any songs from Kissland or Trilogy. Do not expect the Weeknd to wear any elaborate costumes his performance wear was a one piece jumpsuit that envied Michael Myers.Word of caution if you are sitting very close to the stage do not wear anything flammable. What you can expect from Able XO (weeknd) sounds exactly as he does on the record, no lip syncing, and pitch perfect.The Weeknd’s over sexualized lyrics engross you and come to life. The sets were more simplistic than I expected, most songs were performed with the Weeknd singing inside a cage. The final song he performs is the Hills. If you ever heard the Hills as the song goes off you hear a low voice murmuring something. It is actually The Weekend speaking French! Follow me Ashlee Jordan on Instagram @heirjordan92! Giving you more Friday’s 2-4 pm The Pop Show by Ashlee Jordan


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