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  • Daniela Guerrero

Cosmic Music : Salami Rose Joe Louis at Sleeping Village

By: Anna Marek and Daniela Guerrero

Back again at Sleeping Village, we had the honor to see and photograph Salami Rose Joe Louis. The immediately inviting atmosphere drew us in right away as we got there, preparing us for an ethereal and otherworldly show.

Lindsay Olsen is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer from California. Her latest project, Salami Rose Joe Louis, is one of the most unique takes on music production that we have ever encountered. Combining a bit of jazz, soul, hip-hop, pop, Shuggie Otis, Captain Beefheart, Stereolab, and R. Stevie Moore, she creates cosmic beats that simply fill you with peace, curiosity, and eagerness. Very early on in the show, we looked at each other and simultaneously opened our mouths in awe.

Not only is Salami Rose Joe Louis an extremely talented musician, she brings into her art her experience and knowledge as a former climate scientist. You can see her drawing from her studies in planetary sciences as the lyrics explore the urgency of climate action and the immensity of our universe. When we say her music is cosmic, we are not exaggerating!

The lighting and projection elements really elevated the performance, pulling the audience in with trippy visuals. It was absolutely captivating to hear her spacey and synth-heavy music with stars in the background. It helps tell the story of the album and entices the audience to feel the emotion and work that she puts into her music. The concert didn’t just feel like any other concert; it felt like a work of art, a piece of her soul. It was easy to tell that she has such a love for making music, and we are so thankful she was able to share it.

In 2019, she released her album Zdenka 2080, and in 2020, she released Chapters of Zdenka. With 43 songs in total, these albums are a must-listen! Both describe a future dystopian Earth in the year 2080 that has been mismanaged by unethical governments and corporations. We might not be in the year 2080 yet, but does this sound familiar?

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Salami Rose Joe Louis, trust us, you have to!

Anna’s favorite song is "Suddenly." It’s a wonderful opening to the album Zdenka 2080, and it highlights the challenges that she will be facing for the rest of the album.

Daniela’s favorite song: A beautiful critique of the capitalist society we live in! More than that, it is a reminder that we must strive for united communities where love prevails and not greed.


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