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Dirty Honey Rocks Bottom Lounge

Left to Right: Marc LaBella, Justin Smolian, John Notto, Corey Coverstone Photo Courtesy of Dirty Honey

It’s your dad’s new favorite band, and I speak from experience. After rocking out to Dirty Honey at Bottom Lounge on Tuesday, the first person I told was my ride-share driver, and then my dad. Both of them loved the true rock ‘n roll style. Beyond their killer sound, they brought massive energy to Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Tuesday, February 11th. On top of having amazing musicality, Dirty Honey oozes stage presence.

Bringing much needed fresh energy to rock ‘n roll is no easy task. They caught some national attention late last year, and their rise to fame shows no signs of stopping. Bottom Lounge was packed with rockers, new and old. From the start of their set, Dirty Honey was intensely captivating. Each band member is uniquely talented and engaging to watch and listen to. What is really enjoyable is how well they all morph together to produce a tight, cohesive, true rock sound.

What I found to be amazingly engaging and kept the show active without making it tiring were the features for the drummer, lead guitarist, and bassist. Here, we truly heard the skill from each individual, everyone truly captured the power of rock in different ways.

Drummer Corey Coverstone held a strong presence throughout the entire show. Coverstone makes drumming look natural and doesn’t appear to break a sweat the entire set. There’s something amazing about being able to make skill and talent look effortless and completely natural. He is in the zone and in sync with the group when he is behind the drum kit. Clean, skillful drumming is an underappreciated art, and Coverstone is bringing it back.

Lead guitarist John Notto pushes the button with good guitar skills. Lead guitar is one of the clear images of rock and Notto goes beyond the standard of good and into awesome. His styling flows with his skills. He doesn’t presumptuously demand your attention but reels you in with tight riffs. Notto isn’t flashy or demanding but unarguably good. There is no denying his ability to play guitar, and no one wants to either.

Fluid, melty chords ripple from the bass of Justin Smolian. That man is in complete sync with his instrument. I believe bassists are also seriously underrated, so maybe there’s some bias there. Biased or not, Smolian’s performance is riveting and truly awe-inspiring. It feels like surround sound coming from one man. Notes vibrate through your ears, pinging back and forth between them, leaving you speechless until the rest of Dirty Honey returns to rock it out.

If you’re looking for the next great thing in rock ‘n roll, you’re in luck because they’re already here. Dirty Honey brings new flavors to a classic sound, and they’re not going away.

Check them out here:


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