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Disaster to Work in Progress: What Is Happening This Spring Semester?

I have no personal time, a writing project for English, two major assignments for Critical Thinking, three Computer Science projects, four Midterms, five mathematical computing labs, and less than seven hours of sleep. I still have eight more exams, nine more essays, and less than ten weeks to complete the spring semester. This is the story of my life.

When writing this blog, I wanted to focus on something opposite of my previous blog on calendar planning because things were not going as smoothly as I wanted for the second semester.

Maybe it’s because I overplanned for the spring semester or maybe the workload was a little too much, but there has been a time in this semester where I slept for three hours and lived on coffee the entire day. Somehow I recognized a change in me, so I decided to throw away my old calendar plan and make a new one for the next ten weeks- sorry, the next ten crucial weeks.

Tip 1: take some personal time and spend it with family. I believe this is one of the hardest phases of my life. I used to talk for hours with my parents during high school, but now I don’t even get thirty minutes to talk. I don’t complain about my schedule, but I need to give myself some time so I can relax and give myself some time to sleep.

Tip 2: work on my fitness. Starting next week I want to work out for at least thirty minutes a day to keep my body and mind sharp. I believe that this might actually help me in my daily life too.

Tip 3: get some productive sleep. If you only sleep for five hours at a time, then make that time the most peaceful it can be. Don’t think about anything else during that time. Personally, I hate naps because I can’t break my concentration on work and sleep, so I suggest avoiding naps and sleeping well for however long you can.

Tip 4: to all my friends who commute: try making the commute as fun and interesting as possible. If you don’t like reading on the way home, try to watch a TV series, or listen to podcasts, or even explore music. I used this time to explore different web series and anthologies.

Let’s see how these tips affect my life during this interesting spring semester. I don’t know if they are actually going to work but I will try to learn something new from every move I make. I recently shared a quote I wrote with my father and I want to share it here too: “Every time I feel lost, I will reinvent myself.”

Now, it’s time for me to have some personal time so see you all next week.


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