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Discounts you can score with your Student ID!

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Hello y’all! So…sofrita lovers unite!! There’s word out there that Chipotle is finally having some sort of a promotional offer where we, the customers, get free stuff. Now, as a close-to-being-broke college student, I love myself some free stuffs. My group of friends know that I am a Chipotle-lover, and that I would probably have Chipotle cater at my wedding (don’t know how my boyfriend feels about that yet though, ha!). I’ve had at least 4 different people come tell me about this promotion and yes, I will be at Chipotle on the 26th (so should you)!!

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When Chipotle was newer, they offered free drinks to students as a promotional offer. After all, they did start out in a college town! So this promotion inspired me to find out about other promotions and offers exclusive to students. Below is a list of discounts students can score with their student IDs!

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 1.19.35 PM

1. J. Crew: With a student ID you can get 15% off. For online purchases, use your .edu email address.

2. Banana Republic: Your college ID will get you 15% off if you bring it to the store.

3. Ann Taylor: Get a 15% discount when you bring your student ID. Perfect for interview outfits!

4. H&M: 15% off with a student ID.

5. ASOS: 10% off with a valid ID.

6. Charlotte Russe: 10% off with student ID

7. Apple: A plethora of deals at Apple. For starters, you’ll save up to $200 on your new Mac under the education pricing. If you buy a new Mac, you’ll get an extra $100 credit to spend on products from the Apple Store. If you buy a new phone, you get an extra $50 credit.

8. AMC Cinema theaters: You’ll get a lower price on Thursdays at participating AMC theaters when you bring your student ID.

9. Amazon Prime: Students get Amazon prime free for 6 months! Those textbooks you need order for your classes, well taken care of now!

10. Subway: 10% off

11. TCBY: 15% off

12. Buffalo Wild Wings: 10% off

13. Juicy Couture: 15% off

14. Museums in Chicago: Many museums such as the Art Institute offer some sort of discounts to students with a valid ID.

15. Toms: You can get free shipping on all orders as a student!

So there you have it folks, some ideas to use your student ID to its full advantage!



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