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Do We Truly Enjoy Our Holiday Breaks?

Late Night Thoughts (episode 1): Do we truly enjoy our holiday breaks?

Remember that time in school when we’d all come back from the holiday break and talk about what we did? The time when we’d boast about spending time with family and friends while going on wild adventures and just having plain old fun? Everyone says the exact same things, just phrased a little differently from person to person. Yet we don’t always hear from the other side, where someone experienced the polar opposite. Why is that? What is the reality of those ‘wild’ stories?

I’m certain that most people tend to sugar coat negative experiences -especially coming from the holidays- because I’ve witnessed people telling me about them, but then telling the next person something positive. In my experience, one Christmas break back in high school, I didn’t have much to do nor many plans, so most of my days were spent at home. Which really took a toll on me when I saw others having better breaks. Then, when I returned to school, I told my classmates my break was ‘great’ because I didn’t want to bore them or seem lazy. In other cases, people experience a harsher reality during their break from school or work, and it’s important to talk about those things so people don’t feel obligated to put on a smile. 

The true inspiration behind my thoughts on holiday realities

came from an Instagram post of Noah Centineo, an actor in the Netflix movie series To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. On Christmas Eve, Centineo posted a video on Instagram giving a big hug to those who felt “alone, stressed, miserable, and unhappy” during the holiday season. Although he might be referring to the pandemic, I’m positive his message goes beyond that; in reality not everyone looks forward to the holidays. People will spend their time reciting their stories from the holidays and listing their New Years’ resolutions, but we just can’t ignore reality nor view the world as a Hallmark Christmas movie. It truly is a slap in the face but weirdly enough I welcome it. Sometimes we need to think of and comfort those who aren’t experiencing the magic holiday magic that’s in the air. 

I can’t fully grasp the thought that someone could tell me that their Winter, Spring, Summer or whatever break was just ‘great’ because real life doesn’t stop for that. I, and hopefully others, would immensely grasp and appreciate stories of real life, and the great moments would be a sprinkle on top. However, not everyone is comfortable with opening up like that, but it wouldn’t hurt to change things up because there is a huge chance that there is someone else who feels the same way. 

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