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Don’t spoil Breaking Bad for the rest of us!


I think I speak for a good amount of Breaking Bad Fans when I say, “Hey don’t spoil the damn show for us Neflix viewers.” I know you’re anxious to talk to your friends about the big finale, but please for goodness sake have some compassion for those of us who are still in season 4 episode 12! If you’re in the same situation as I am, follow these rules to guarantee this amazing show isn’t spoiled.

1. Lie to yourself.  We’ve all heard some murmurs regarding the last episode… pretend you never heard a word. Lie to yourself. 2. Don’t bring up the show to anyone! Chances are the person you’re talking to watched the last episode…. so save yourself the spoiler by not bringing up the show. 3. Catch up! The wonderful world of the world wide web has allowed us the accessibility to watch the last season through torrents and free streaming sites…. USE THESE RESOURCES WISELY! Sure it may take an entire day to watch the whole season but if you really want to avoid spoilers this may be a very useful option. 4. Wear ear muffs…. Lets face it everyone watched the last damn episode…. So i’ll just make this clean and easy for you…. Jesse Pinkman becomes ratatouille the cartoon rat from disney… Sorry guys I just had to do it…. BUT In all Seriousness the series has an amazing soundtrack! Check out Molotov, Mexican Band that premiered the series!

Also Check out this Jesse Pinkman Remix by Trentino.

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