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Dr. Paula Show: Re-Airing Interview with Dr. Ben Gerber

November is National Diabetes Month. For more information on this health observation visit: National Diabetes Month, and for resources on living with diabetes, you can go here and here.

In observance of National Diabetes month, The Dr. Paula Show will be re-airing our interview with Dr. Ben Gerber, M.D, MPH on Tuesday, November 29th at 11 AM. The show will feature discussions about the application of technology interventions to promote healthy behavior and reach diverse and undeserved communities.

Dr. Gerber is a Professor of Medicine, internist, and health services researcher in the Division of Academic Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at UIC.  He has clinical experience working with low-income minority populations, and also has research experience involving mobile health, telehealth, nutrition, physical activity, and weight management interventions in the same populations.  He conducted a community-based randomized, controlled trial evaluating video telehealth for weight management in overweight African-American women. Dr. Gerber has extensive experience in the design and development of educational computer-based interventions, including “Living Well with Diabetes/Viviendo Bien con la Diabetes,” a bilingual diabetes self-management multimedia program targeting Latinos and African-Americans with diabetes. He has over 30 years’ experience in software development and developed mytapp, a low-cost application that provides scheduled text messaging services which is currently used by a number of research studies and quality improvement projects.

If you have any suggestions for topics or interviews you would like to hear on the Dr. Paula Show, let us know! Contact Brienne Lowry at


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