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E-Board Spotlight: Bradley Gambosi ☆ Asst. Blog Director

You may have read his writing before, Bradley Gambosi has been a long time blogger with us here at UIC Radio, and has just joined the executive board this semester as Assistant Blog Director. Lucky for us, I’m here to get to know him a bit better. 

photo via Marla Chinbat

MC: Name, birthday, and favorite food, please. 

BG: Bradley Gambosi… why’d I forget my birthday?! April 15th, 2003. Favorite food? Um… crab rangoons.

Crab rangoon? I’ve never heard of that before. 

[slightly offended laughter]

I mean they’re good! I’ve just never heard anybody be like, “that’s my favorite food.”

How embarrassing.

No it’s delicious! I’m just like, she’s unique!

[genuine laughter]

Okay, hi, Bradley, how are you doing? 

Doing great… today. No complaints, just worked my nine hour barista shift! Now I’m here. 

You’re here. That’s all that matters. Do you dream? If so, what did you dream about last night?

Actually, I don’t really remember many of my dreams, honestly, its kind of weird. My sleep schedule’s kinda crazy, so the little sleep I do [get], I don’t really remember much of my dreams. It’s kind of sad.

Well, what’s one that stands out to you?

Recently? I have an irrational fear of pigeons. So it wasn’t really a dream, it was more of a nightmare.

Oh no!

I’m just being chased, down one, [wheeze] one of the train stations, by a big flock of-

That does sound like a nightmare!

Literally! It’s my biggest nightmare. 

Chased down a train station?

By pigeons, yes. 

Well, where are you from? 

Minooka, Illinois. Not much there but corn fields. Not very exciting.

What was it like growing up there?

Um, pretty boring, that’s why I came here though, because, I don’t know, I was just always drawn to the city in comparison to such a small town. It’s kinda harder to express yourself there. And here I feel a lot more open, and a lot more opportunity to truly express myself and my creativity. 

What was your favorite part about Minooka? 

Nick Offerman from Parks and Rec is from there! That’s my favorite part about Minooka. 

That’s so funny… big tings coming out of Minooka, clearly!


Okay, what is your favorite sound?

Ooh… honestly the sound of rain. It’s just really calming to me as someone who has- I feel like I have such a hectic personality and life, so I feel like rain really calms me down, and gets me, I don’t know, gets my mind going when I write something, blog something, just the sound of it in the background. 

What did you write about for your first blog at UIC Radio?

My first blog was about the ‘Free Britney’ movement before all that stuff came to fruition, before she was actually free and stuff… I think I covered that and then I also did an artist spotlight on a small artist called Girli from the UK.

I LOVE Girli!

Wait really? Oh my gosh!

I have never met anyone who listens to Girli, and I also haven’t listened to her in a minute either so-

No me neither! 

That is so crazy. Well, tell us about your favorite place. 

In Lincoln Park, there’s this hidden lily pad pond near the zoo, and its kind of hard to find, but when you go in there it feels like you’re transported out of the city and you’re in the middle of a forest, like this hidden grotto type of thing. It’s just so tranquil, it’s so nice to sit in there, there are like old people painting near the pond.

Do you have secrets?

Um… I’m sure I do, but I feel like, I’m a pretty honest person, so, I’m pretty open.

Honest Bradley!

[laughing] Honest Bradley. So they might not stay secret forever. 

Only for a little bit. Can you tell me a secret? About yourself? About somebody else?

About somebody else! Oh my gosh… um. Why can’t I think of a secret?

That’s okay, you’re honest!

Okay, yeah exactly! Yeah, I don’t have any to share right now. 

That’s okay, I’ll just hear about it later. What could you talk about for hours? 

UIC Radio, of course! I can also talk about Florence and the Machine. My favorite band. I’ve just loved them for so long. Their whole aesthetic. The whole witchy, I don’t even know how to explain it, but I’ve just loved everything about them for so long, they’re like the first artist I’ve fallen in love with when I was super young, so I could talk about them for hours. Honestly, the best band and artist from the UK, for me, is Florence and the Machine. 

What’s a song you could recommend from them?

“Choreomania,” from their newest album Dance Fever. I love the whole theme based on the dancing plague, and relating that to life, but also another song from that album is called “Free,” and it’s just about dealing with anxiety and finding peace from your anxiety through music, and I think that is so relatable especially to so many people who find peace with music.

Shower in the morning or at night? 

Nighttime always. 

That’s a good answer. Favorite way to listen to music?

Probably vinyl, because I have this whole sound system that was my grandma’s from the 1980s. So that’s my favorite way to listen to music. 

Well, thank you so much Bradley, it was so nice talking to you today and getting to know you. 


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