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Enlightenment for 2015

FOCUS on yourself. Do everything to succeed

FOCUS on yourself. Do everything to succeed

Hey everyone, It’s Lenora here!!

Today’s blog post by me will be a little different today (not focusing on Latino music culture nor Chicago culture). I only find it necessary to pass on this knowledge with you because I believe it will greatly empower you and motivate you for the rest of this school year.

Do anything you set your mind to.

Do anything you set your mind to.

I am not an expert at handling school and everything else in my life but what I did learn in the first week back at UIC for my second semester as a senior is:

1.) Do not be in a rush to live your life.

This was taught to me by a conversation I had with one of my professors. I told her of what was recently happening in my life and yes spilled my guts out to her and luckily she advised me to help. She replied with “What’s the rush?! Are you getting married or something?” At this point we both laughed. I knew that she was a great person to confide in about what was going on with me in my life. She told me: “Sometimes things are a blessing in disguise.”

That I strongly believe in. 

No judgement.

No judgement.

2.) This is YOUR educational path, it does not belong to anyone else.

I am not saying that you will stay at UIC forever or what feels like forever but even so…Who is going to judge you? Think about it. THIS, your time right now in school is FOR YOU. For you to grow, for you to learn, for you to make mistakes and of course for you to succeed. I cannot name one person, friend or anyone else for that matter who is “THE PERFECT STUDENT”. Nobody is perfect. The only person criticizing yourself is of course you. You are your own worst enemy. Though this is true, DO NOT beat yourself up if things go wrong (as they sometimes will). Again, if you are behind, credit hours, not graduating on your expected year..IT IS OKAY! Do things right at your pace and learn what you need to so you can do things right on your path, at your pace.




Yes this point does tie in with the previous ones but I want to let you know that YOU have my support. My name is Lenora Segura and I firmly believe that if anyone makes you feel alone like you’re some sort of disappointment or failure, please do not feel like that. I will help you by believing in you if and when you do not believe in yourself. But please do try because you need that ambition, motivation, power, happiness and excitement to push yourself forward to success. I hope this helps 🙂 Take care readers <3!

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