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Fancy Some Charli XCX?

If you are an Iggy Azalea fan or just listen to the radio, chances are you’ve heard her latest hit ‘Fancy’. Consequently, you’ve then always heard the catchy chorus with a female voice other than Azalea’s. Who are you hearing exactly? That would be the fresh, edgy, voice of Charli XCX. As soon as I heard her hit the chorus I grabbed my phone and googled the song as fast as my fingers would let me. Turns out that Charli XCX is only 21 yet killing it on the UK scene. ‘Fancy’ helped her get a more established US fan base which is much deserved. She is originally from England and her birth name is Charlotte Aitchison. XCX is some what of a vet, seeing how she began recording in 2007 at 14! Though her style isn’t as rap heavy as Azalea, XCX can still hold her own on her pop, techno, rock songs esq. One of my personal favorites? SuperLove. If you decide that you’re a fan you can see her on July 18th, in Louisville, Kentucky. Give Charli XCX a listen, and let me know what you think! Could she be the next Lorde? Or will ‘Fancy’ be her only claim to fame and fizzle out in the US?


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