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Fashion Mania!

Hey guys! Since Chicago Fashion Week just passed by, I thought it’d be pretty cool to try and get in touch with a local fashion designer and interview them about fashion.  I was very fortunate to get in touch with local Chicago fashion designer Borris Powell.   Born in Alabama, the passionate designer pursued his dreams of a career in fashion early on in life.  Borris realized he wanted to become a fashion designer in summer of 1995.  “When I met my first fashion designer in 1995, it all made sense to me.  I was hooked from then on.  This moment changed my life.” Powell explains while reminiscing through memories.  He told me that his very first article of clothing he ever designed was a Red Skirt Suit for his mother.  After learning how to sew, he knew he wanted to design it for his mother because ‘it was important for him to design his first piece for the woman that gave life to him.’   


Powell was the winner of the prestigious Oscars Designer Challenge in 2011.  The challenge is meant for designers to compete against one another to see which designer comes up with the best design for a dress which will be worn by an Awards escort during the Academy Awards.  After his achievement, I had to ask what fashion meant to him.  “To me fashion means, ‘The Freedom to express ones self through garments, accessories, hair, and makeup.'”  He told me he gets his inspiration from the world.  That the world amuses him and that he tries to stay connected with the world at all times.  He’s always wanted women to feel beautiful.  “When you look good, you feel good and everything else will fall into place.”  His signature color is red.  He dedicates that color to his mother because she is the reason why he is so passionate about the color.  She changed his life when he first noticed her in a Red Color Blocked Dress as a kid.  For him, that is when the magic started.  Since then he has been hooked onto fashion, the color red, and dresses.  


What matters to Powell the most as a fashion designer is the fact that everyone is happy and looking amazing at all times.  The fact that he gets to share his gift of designing to make the world feel a bit more fabulous inspires him to keep designing new attire.  For those of you who are aspiring the fashion world, he advises that you should stay true to yourself and must be truly passionate in what you do.  He advises that although it is mainly more about business and less of the art, that you should be able to speak to your vision and your business.

Powell’s collection can be found on his website which is posted below and you can follow him on Twitter @borrisp, instagram: Borrispowelldesigns, or Facebook: Borris Powell.


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